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Whether you just started using Diaspora or whether you have been using it for months, there’s always something to learn. Here are some tips and tricks that aren’t neccesarily part of the feature set but may come in very handy.


Diaspora is currently still at a stage where early adopters wander around aimlessly, searching for people to talk to. Having real-life contacts added is an exception rather than a rule. Now what would be a better way to feel home, than to add some native people?

Add your language as a hashtag to your profile to stimulate forming native communities! Not only does this get people more involved but it also allows for testing with native and English aspects.

Conversation with yourself

This is definitely one of my favorite tricks on Diaspora. Go to the conversations page, write-up a message and send it to no one! It’s great for making notes and easily moving plain text between computers.

Alternative profile fields

A rather simple way to make your profile more appealing is by adding "profile fields" using text formatting in the Bio section. Use **bold** for adding titles and optionally use *italic* for the items. This way you can add any profile field you can possibly think of, like music, books, relationship, etc.

Need some "test-friends"?

Check out this thread on Get Satisfaction!

Create a "topics" aspect

A separate aspect for adding profiles by organisations helps you draw a line between organisations and your friends, as you can easily filter out the non-friend profiles you follow.


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